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About Us

SOUTH ASIAN MONITOR is a flagship organization under ‘MEDIA WATCH COMMUNICATIONS SDN.BHD’. We observe South Asia’s political, economic, cultural, social and strategic development. South Asian monitor aggregates news analysis, observational reports, in depth features and columns that is contributed by the prominent media person, columnist and thinkers of South Asia. This portal will be published in English as a common language and in Bengali, native language for a major group of people in this region (Bangladesh-West Bengal, Tripura and Assam). South Asian monitor will play a role where opinions regarding various events can be freely expressed. Conflicting opinions and views will co-exist together so that viewers know the truth from every angle. All the published report or column may not be the opinion of the South Asian Monitor.

South Asia is the home ground of many cultures, beliefs and opinions for a long time and there is a feeling of harmony among this diversity. This is one of the densely populated area in the world as well as the poverty ratio and in-equality has been deeply rooted. The growth rate of the economy is comparatively high and a lot of areas has immense untapped possibility. The super powers of the world paying special attention giving strategic importance to this region. Disputes and conflicts in neighboring nuclear-armed countries are source of many issues. In this situation minimizing the conflict strengthening co-operation is the only way towards peace and stability. South Asian monitor will try to contribute in finding the way and encouraging co-operation instead of conflict.