Bangla Friday, May 29, 2020



Hours after US President Donald Trump hinted at a possible retaliation if India does not lift its ban on the export of Hydroxychloroquine, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Tuesday said the nation could supply Hydroxychloroquine to “some countries” which are “badly affected” by COVID-19. “In view of the humanitarian aspects of the pandemic, it has been decided that India would licence paracetamol and HCQ in appropriate quantities to all our neighbouring countries who are dependent on our capabilities. We will also be supplying these essential drugs to some nations who have been particularly badly affected by the pandemic,” the govt said.

The death toll due to COVID-19 in India rose to 114 while the total number of infections has soared to 4,421, including the 325 who have recovered. Globally, the death toll has risen to 74,679 and the number of infections at 1,346,299, according to the data by John Hopkins.

In international news, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care unit of the hospital after coronavirus symptoms worsened on Monday. The total number of positive cases across the world has reached over 1.3 million at 1,346, 299 with the US reporting maximum of them at 367,507, Spain (136,675), Italy (132,547), Germany (103,374), France (98,984) ans China (82,665). On the other hand, the number of deaths reported is still highest in Italy at 16,523 followed by Spain at 13,341, France at 8,911, United Kingdom at 5,373, Iran at 3,739, New York at 3,485 and China at 3,212.